Prof.Dr. Iosif Volfson

Title : Applied Significance of the Studies on Bio-Inert Interactions.


PhD (Mineralogy & Geochemistry)
Born in 1955 (Moscow, Russia).
Academic Secretary of Russian Geological Society (ROSGEO, since 2009).

Iosif  Volfson is Academic secretary of NGO Russian Geological Society (ROSGEO). He has coordinated the scientific and organizational work of ROSGEO since 2009.

Iosif  holds a PhD in mineralogy and geochemistry. During his previous work at the All-Russian Scientific-Research Institiute for Mineral Resources he participated in the project related to the studying of mineralogical and geochemical criteria of biologically active flints occurrences of the East European Platform and for the first time established the strong dependence between the phenomenon of biological activity of soil bacteria actinomycetes and crystal and chemical features of silica polymorphs composing flints. Since the beginning of the 2000s, he has been one of the leading Russian scientists in the field of medical geology. In 2015 he was elected as Councilor of International Medical Geology Association (IMGA).