Dr. Iosif Volfson

Title : Applied Significance of the Studies on Bio-Inert Interactions.

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PhD (Mineralogy & Geochemistry)
Born in 1955 (Moscow, Russia).
Academic Secretary of Russian Geological Society (ROSGEO, since 2009).

Graduated from Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute (1979)

He conducted field research on mineralogy and geochemistry of deposits of non-ferrous metals and rare elements in Siberia and Kazakhstan.

Theme of his thesis was devoted to the studies of geological, mineralogical as well as microbiological characteristics of flints of the East European Platform. He concluded that flints as complicated bio-inert system have serious applied significance in such fields of knowledge as soil microbiology, medicine, biotechnology in ore processing and others.

Iosif Volfson is Chairman of the Medical Geology Division of ROSGEO (since 2004). He is member of the International Medical Geology Association (IMGA) and Chairman of the IMGA Regional Chapter Russia and Newly Independent States (since 2006), IMGA Executive Committee Councilor (since 2015).  He carries out active work on popularization of knowledge in the field of medical geology (Academic Secretary of the 7th IMGA International Conference MedGeo’17 held in Moscow, Russia, 28 August – 01 September 2017, member of organizing and scientific committees of number of international conferences).

He presented at 2d International Conference on Medical Geology (Konya, Turkey, 2015), XXXIII Session of the International Geological Congress (Oslo, Norway, 2008), XXXIV Session of International Geological Congress (Brisbane (Australia, 2012), International Medical Geology Conferences hold by IMGA – MedGeO’13 (Washington, 2013), MedGeo’15 (Aveiro, Portugal, 2015), MedGeo’17 (Moscow, Russia, 2017).

He is author of more than 50 scientific publications. There are two collective monographs on Medical Geology (in English, the first author of sections, scientific editor) as well as number of articles on environmental problems of geology and subsoil use.

The list of some publications (in English)

Volfson IF, Evgenii G. Farrakhov, Anatolii P. Pronin et al. The medical geology community in Russia and the NIS // Medical geology. a regional synthesis. (Eds.) Selinus O., Fikelman R., Centeno J. Springer Dordrecht Heidelberg London New York, pp. 221-258

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Petrov Igor, Burstein Mikhail & Volfson Iosif  Exposure in the East: curing Russia’s. A report from Infomine on health-related problems and arsenic pollution by Russian smelters // Mining Environmental Management, January 2007, pp. 8-9.

Volfson IF, Evgenii G. Farrakhov, Anatolii P. Pronin et al. Sedimentary basins: Medical and geological aspects of the studies // In Proceedings of XXXIII Session of International Geological Congress, Oslo, Norway, Aug. 6–14, 2008.  X-CD Technologies (CD ROM). (2008)