Prof. Dr. Bektay Yerkin

Professor Bektay Yerkin  (Kazakhstan)– a specialist in the field of mineral processing and biogeotechnology, Professor of Satbayev Univeristy, PhD. Coordinator of scientific research laboratory “BioGeoTechnology of gold, uranium and polymetall ores” in NJS “KazNRTU named after K.I. Satpayev”.

He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (MISIS,National University of Science and Technology, Moscow) in the specialty of “Physical-chemical studies of metallurgical processes”. In 1988 obtained PhD on the analysis and optimization of flotation mine beneficiation circuits. This methodology has been used by Y.Bektay in developing recommendations for several mining companies in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and others).

Carried out the project evaluation of a number of deposits in Kazakhstan, the research on bioleaching of refractory gold-arsenic ores and concentrates. Proved the possibility of using biotechnological methods in underground uranium leaching for objects of JSC “Kazatomprom” in the semi-industrial tests.

For last years he has hosted and participated in more than 4 national scientific research projects and  more than 6 special scientific projects for mining companies.

He is a member of the UNECE Resource Management Expert Group from 2011.

The academician of the “International Academy of Information” (KazMAIN), Member of Nathional Academy  of Mining Sciences of Kazakhstan.

The scientific interests are:

– physicochemical and biological models for the optimization of the processes used in the mining, mineral processing and metallurgical industry;

– Intellectualization of production processes on the basis of mathematical models;

– Development and implementation of bioleaching for the development of large deposits of gold, uranium and base metals, as well as man-made deposits with low content of useful components. Development of technology methods for extracting metals from salt water solutions.

– methods of purification of air and gases of industrial enterprises

Author of over 30 publications, including 3 patents and 5 monograph:

“Gold: Innovation in chemistry and metallurgy” , 640 p, 2015

“Gold: New source, secondary metallurgy and affinage”, 359 p, 2016

“Natural nanoparticles and nanostructures”, 600 p, 2019

“Geochemistry of uranium”, 417 p,2020

“Hydrometallurgy of uranium”, 264 p, 2020

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Satbayev Unversity

Mobile:           +7 -702-1396955,  Email:  erbekta