Prof.Dr. Elvan AKIN

Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA


Elvan Akin was born in Hereke in Turkey and lived in Ankara, Turkey for 16 years before she came to America. She received a scholarship from the Ministry of Turkey and went abroad for her higher education in 1996. She finished her PhD at University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2000 and was hired by Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2012. Since 2015, she holds a position as a full professor.


Research interests

Half-Linear Dynamic Equations, Time scales, Differential Equations, Nonlinear Difference equations, Asymptotic Behaviour of Solutions, Boundary Value Problems, Initial Value Problems, Lyapunov functionals, Sturm-Liouville equations, Functional Dynamic equations, Dynamic Equations and Inequalities, Quasilinear Dynamic Equations, Measure Chains, Oscillation, Riccati Tranformation Technique, Oscillation Theory, Dynamical Systems, Disease modeling, Control Theory



  • The Emeritus Faculty Fellowship, UNL: 1999-2000
  • Fellowship from the Ministry of Education, Turkey: 1995-2000
  • Outstanding Teaching Awards, Missouri S&T: 2005, 2010, 2016
  • We Love Your Class Award, Missouri S&T: 2009, 2012
  • College of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award, Missouri S&T: 2005


  • Honorary Knights, Missouri S&T: 2006