Prof. Dr. Toni Nikolic

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Born in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 1975. There finish school and faculty. 2017 get PhD on University Tuzla, Faculty of geology, mining and civil engineering. Employed in Federal geological survey Sarajevo like expert adviser for engineering geology from 2009. From 2014. teaching on University „Dzemal Bijedic“ Mostar like assistant, form 2017. like assistant professor. Publish more than 40 papers in local and international books. Vice president in JICA Alumni BIH association, Court expert for geology, certificated environment expert, member of Geological association Bosnia and Herzegovina, Member management board of geotechnical association BIH, publish two books from geology and DRRM. Get more specialisation in Turkey 2008, Japan 2019, Italy 2012 and other. Been expert reviewer for geological expert book included Springer. Member of International Lions Club, department Sarajevo Centar. Invited keynote speaker Serbia 2019, Antalya 2018, Bosnia 2016, Kahramanmaras 2019, etc.

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