Prof.Dr. Turysbekova Gaukhar Seytkhanovna

Turysbekova Gaukhar Seitkhanovna –  Professor of the department “Metallurgy of precious metals and enrichment of minerals” of Satbayev University, PhD. Head of research laboratory “Biogeotechnology of gold, uranium and polymetall ores” of Satbayv University.  

She graduated from the “Kazakh Polytechnic Institute ” (Satbayev University). She worked as a research fellow of the Kazakh Research Institute of Mineral Raw Materials (KRIMRM) .  In 1988 graduated postgraduate study in Moscow Institute of steel and alloys (MISIS, Moscow). She was leading researcher of the JSC “Altynalmas” (Department of precious metals for technical purposes), JSC “KazGinAlmasZoloto” – head of laboratory, Deputy Director, The expert of JSC “Kazkommertsbank” – the Management of investment banking.

 Scientific consultant for the development of technology  of Kazakhstan deposits of gold-bearing ores  (Akbakaiski GOK, Nezhdaninsky GOK (Russia), Bakyrchik mine, Hydrotsvetmet (Novosibirsk), Komarovskoe Deposit, 4 Sayak, Raigorodok, Bestobe, Zholymbet, etc. (gold).

She  is a member of the UNECE Resource Management Expert Group from 2011, Member of National Academy  of Mining Sciences of Kazakhstan. 

For last years she has hosted and participated in more than 4 national scientific research projects and  more than 6 special scientific projects for mining companies.  Conducted research, project development and installation of bacterial leaching for objects of “Kazatomprom” carried out semi-industrial trials (uranium).

Author of over 30 publications, including 3 patents and 5 monographs for last 7 years.  “Gold: Innovation in chemistry and metallurgy” , 640 p, 2015.  “Gold: New source, secondary metallurgy and affinage”, 359 p, 2016.  “Natural nanoparticles and nanostructures”, 600 p, 2019, “Geochemistry of uranium”, 452 p,2020.  “Hydrometallurgy of uranium”, 242 p, 2020

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Satbayev Unversity

Mobile:  +7 -702-8639919,  Email: