Prof.Dr. Yılmaz ŞİMŞEK

Teaching and Research Interests: Prof. Dr. Yilmaz Simsek received the PhD degree in (Generalized Dedekind and Hardy sums) at Cukurova University Adana of Turkey. Professor Simsek’s carrier has been started from Adana, Cukurova University, Mersin University, and now continue at Antalya, Akdeniz University. His research interests are given in the above areas:  Modular Forms, p-adic Analysis, q-series, Special numbers and polynomials, Special Functions, Generating Functions, Dedekind and Hardy Sums, Umbral Algebra, and Umbral Analysis, Special Functions, Real and Complex Analysis. He has published research articles, related to the above areas, in distinguished international journals of mathematical and engineering sciences. He has been invited to many scientific activities such as international conferences, seminars, visiting professor. He is “Founder and Editor-in-Chief” of the “Montes Taurus Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics ( ISSN: 2687-4814 )”. He is also referee and editor of many mathematical journals.


  • Full Professor and Member of Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, University of Akdeniz, Antalya-TURKEY

ResearcherID: C-1654-2016